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Join us as we dive deep into the exciting world of crypto and web3.

How to Actually Profit in Crypto - Use Market Cycles to Your Advantage
How to analyze crypto market cycles to make sure you sell before it's too late.
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Get Up to Speed on Web3: an In-Depth Guide
The path to success in Web3 is forged by increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Web3 space.

What Does it Take to be a Successful Web3 Investor?

The formula is as follows:

Have a Plan (Investment Strategy)
Whether you're entering the crypto market for the first time, or a multi-cycle veteran who's looking to change up your portfolio, you need to approach your investments with a plan. We recommend long-trend trading as the sweet spot for risk/reward.
Have an Edge (Research & Analysis)
Being able to research the crypto ecosystem and analyze projects to determine their fundamental value is essential. Other tools such as technical analysis and on-chain analysis can be used to provide additional context and clues.
Protect Your Investment (Risk Management)
Often times, getting a large return on investment is the easy part. Keeping your gains is another story. There's a lot of risk with crypo and navigating that risk is the most difficult part of being a crypto investor. That's why we recommend taking profits during signs of major trend changes.

The Key Components of Crypto Fundamental Analysis

Are You New to Crypto & Web3? Or do You Need a Refresher? Let's get You Up to Speed.

The Opportunity in Front of Us

Crypto is the paradigm that's transforming our inefficient, outdated, legacy financial system.

Web3 uses crypto technology to innovate the internet as we know it today.

For investors, this is an opportunity that only comes along every so often. An opportunity to 2x, 5x, 10x your investment, or more. That’s no exaggeration either. It’s not uncommon to see substantial gains in this space… 

…if you know what you’re doing.


Our Mission

At Spec Ops Crypto, we’re driven to educate and empower crypto & web3 investors on how to pick the right investments, reap a high return, and profit off those gains.

Learn everything you need to know to succeed in this fascinating, wild market:

How to Safely Use Crypto, Risk Management, Investment Strategy, Research, Analysis, and much more.